Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sat Dec 24 and Sunday Dec 25

I still don't like Christmas. At least this year I'm a bit better in shape than I was a year ago. At least this year I didn't spend all day in the Emergency department of the local hospital. At least this year .... I'm basically happy if not in the Cristmas spirit.

Hey, at least I said "Merry Christmas" to people instead of "oh, yeah?". It's the season, it just does that to me.

No workout on either day, just a lot of stretching and taking care of my family. Seriously, I'm getting a little worn down with stuff. I was awoken this morning at 2am to care for the year old, then awaoken again at 5am to open stuff that Santa brought. I wasn't moving too well, so the middle child walked into my room to tell the older one "No, he hasn't moved yet!" .... at 5:20 am.

Oh, God was that early.

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  1. What happened to you? Have you survived the holiday season?