Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Dec 19

Well, ya know .. in all that gloom in the previous post, I forgot to focus on the positive ... I won two twelve lb kettlebells from the fine people at Strength Box.

Innt that justawesome?

Cha! Ching!

I ate ok today - ok, not really.

Breakfast: coffee and a BELT one the way in. I have to stop that. Seriously.

Lunch: tuna sandwich and a slice of pizza. Water to drink.

Snack: tea

Dinner: pasta and water to drink.

After night school ... did some QC on the beef I had in the slow cooker. I wonder why I try to do that with a sleepy wife on Mondays. I should just leave it until I'm around on Tuesdays.

After work and before night school, I did manage a 6km run - got it done in just over a half hour. I'm thinking I just keep adding distance until I get to 8kms for an average run. After a few weeks of that, I can go stupid and see just how far I can go...

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