Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday was a let down. I did a run, did a decent stretch and then had to rush off to get my kids. Too much stuff to get done. I ate ok:

Breakfast: fruit, coffee to drink

Snack tea

Lunch: tuna straight from the can, almonds and prunes. Water to drink.

Dinner: chicken and salad. Beer to drink.

I felt really tired and got to bed early. I was just bushed.

Saturday my son got me up stupid early. I got up, fed him and cuddled with him until the rest of the family got up. Then I got my run in. I ate ok, for a Saturday.

Brunch: coffee and chicken/salad wraps

Snack: fruit and water to drink

Dinner: chicken thigh and pasta. Beer to drink.

Did the weekly shopping after the kids were in bed. I'm so glad my wife is back to work. Two full paychecks makes my kitchen full.

Sunday was a day of "rest" - I had to run around like a goof after church and then clean the house then rush off to a family function. Ate ok, felt like barfing for most of the evening. Meh, s'ok.

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