Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Dec 4

Ok, today. I woke this morning not feeling good; stuff nose, bloated. Ugh. Just not right. I slept in the basement, too. Just not good. No morning run. I'll have to not do that again.

After htat, the day went downhill. I did manage to stretch a little in the afternoon while my son had a nap, but that was about it.

Ate ok

Breakfast: roast beef on a piece of bread

Lunch tuna mixed with a little mayo on a piece of bread

Snack: some of my son's grilled cheese sandwich - lolz .. and tea

Dinner roast potatoes with roast beef. Water to drink. Piece of cake for dessert with a coffee.

Not a great day for training, but not a bad day for reconnecting with family, which is what birthdays are for. On with Monday.

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