Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tues Dec 20

I thought I'd be in for a tough day when I forgot my backpack in the house after spilling my coffee on my driveway. It was a good indication, but when my six year old threw my iPad at a box in the van, I just knew I was in for a tough day.

Ya think?


I ate this:

Breakfast: frozen fruit smoothie. Coffee after.

Snack: tea

Lunch tuna on crackers. No mayo, no salad. No veggies. Water to drink.

Dinner: chicken with a side of stir fry veggies. Water to drink.

Right after work, got a 7k run in with three rounds of:

20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks

I was steamy in my cold garage. It was weird.


  1. Yup, no worries. I used it at work today - it's kinda cool using it as a remote for my macbook.