Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Dec 8

You know, Thursday tried to mess with me, but I got the better of it.

First of all, my shift changed at work; I'm now mornings. I hate mornings. I'd rather train then go to work, but today starts with work, then training. I dunno, I'm just particular. I think I'm just whining.

Anyway, I ate this:

Breakfast: belt from Tim Horton's. Coffee to drink.

Snack: more coffee

Lunch: Tuna on salad. Cookie for dessert. Water to drink. (Why a cookie/ I'm sorry to say "because they were there."

Dinner: chicken breast and veggie wrap, water to drink.

So .. you might think ... how did you "beat" Thursday, Mark. Well, I got home after work, got my kit on and went for my run. I did 4kms in about 23 minutes. One of the faster runs I've done of late. I can hardly wait until all of the adhesions in my legs are gone - rugby is just brutal on my legs. After the run, I did some rolling on my legs for about 15 minutes. That friggin' hurt, but it is worth it.

After I got the day done, I was doing some surfing, watching Strombo interviewing Dana White. That is pointing me in a few other directions, too. Anyway, after I finished watching that, I went back into my garage/gym and did some very light stretching and got ready for tomorrow then bed.

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  1. Ennyway, ah ate this:

    Bustfast: belt fum Tim Ho'ton's. Coffee t'six pack.

    Snack: mo'e a six pack

    Lunch: Tuna on salad, cuss it all t' tarnation. Cookie fo' dessert. Water t'six pack. (Whuffo' a cookie/ ah's so'ry t'say "on account o' they were thar."

    Dinner: possum breast an' veggie wrap, water t'six pack.

    So .. yo' might reckon ... how did yo' "beat" Thursday, Mark. Shet mah mouth! Wal, ah got home af'er wawk, got mah kit on an' went fo' mah run, as enny fool kin plainly see. ah did 4kms in about 23 minutes. One of th' faster runs I've done of late. ah can hardly wait until all of th' adheshuns in mah legs is gone - rugby is jest brutal on mah legs. Af'er th' run, ah did some rollin' on mah legs fo' about 15 minutes. Thet friggin' hurt, but it is wo'th it.

    Af'er ah got th' day done, ah was doin' some surfin', watchin' Strombo interviewin' Dana White. Thet is pointin' me in a few other direckshuns, too. Ennyway, af'er ah finished watchin' thet, ah went back into mah gareege/gym an' did some mighty light stretchin' an' got ready fo' t'morry then bed, cuss it all t' tarnation.