Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fri Feb 18, Sat Feb 19

The last two days have been frightfully busy. Friday was a rest day, my body needed that and I had a family function to go to right after work.

I ate ok until the party:

Breakfast: coffee and tuna sandwich at work.

Lunch: tuna on a salad, hummus and veggies. Water to drink.

Dinner: assorted veggies before dinner, French onion soup, salad, beer to drink. Coffee after. Dessert was a piece of cake.

I got home and fell asleep, which helped me recover. My wife was not impressed until I got up early to do the 5am feed.

Saturday was just a less time demanding day, so I got a workout in.

I did six rounds of this:

8-10 deadlifts 160 lbs
8-10 TRX BW rows
10 weighted push ups. 30 lb backpack
20 step ups with the same 30 lb backpack
8-10 ab roller roll outs
10 KB TH swings with the 53 lb KB
10 bicep curl 30 lbs
10 tricep exts 30 lbs

that was a decent workout; the weighted push ups were the killer, man. I should think that in the summer I could do this workout and add a farmers walk somewhere to increase the intensity and duration. As it is, my legs are pretty sore at the moment.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee with an egg and roast beef wrap

Lunch: coffee and pizza at a birthday party. Yeah, I know, I know.

Dinner was two tuna wraps with a salad. Pretty yummy and quick.

I was wondering about what happened to all the running I was doing up to this point. Then I got outside today and witnessed the aftermath of last night's huge winds and this mornings snowfall. What a drag, man. Then I got my answer: I hate running in this type of weather. Yeah, I know about mental toughness that running outside at this time of year breeds, but I'm just not willing to freeze my ass off to proove to myself that I am that mentally tough. To be blunt, there are a lot of other ways I can demonstrate to myself I have an incredible reserve of metal toughness without resorting to frigid moments to do that.

In any case, the weather in finally changing in this part of the world and I am glad of it. Gotta go look after my boy.


  1. It wasn't all that bad today. I went out for a run, nothing to prove. Just enjoy the snow fall.

  2. I know, i just hate snow and getting sicker of it by the momnet.