Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wed feb 9

Today's post is being done from the iPad, while listening to my youngest snore on the couch. It is all good.

I ate this today

Breakfast was a smoothy

After work out meal was a breakfast belt from Tim Hortons with a coffee

Lunch was a tuna sandwich, hummus and veggies with water to drink.

Dinner was broccoli soup and another tuna sandwich at a ProDev meeting I had at head office, enitiled "Praying in Colour" . I wish I made that up.

Befre work, I did this workout:

Warm up
10 kb snatches 53 lb kb
60ft farmer walk with50lb weights
10 lunges each side 20lbs overhead
10 online db flies
5chin ups
10 bs Trx rows
10 knees to chest while on the chin up bar

I felt really good after, man. I can hardly wait for tomorrow and the doms ......

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  1. Sounds like a fun workout, don't spill anything on the ipad.