Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wed Feb 23

Ugh, the first night of a new shift I have started at work. I get to start at 6pm, finishing after my kids are in bed. At least I get to pick them up from school and take them home. Then, it's shoving something in my mouth and then out the door to get back to work.

I was still pretty sore from yesterday, so I did a good warm up, then did four rounds of this workout:

10 KB swings
20 BW squats
50 feet farmers walk
50 feet one are overhead walk

Nothing to get excited about - enough to call it a workout and be done with it. I also saw this on the interwebs today:

This is the place I'm going to on Saturday to get some help with the KB Snatch (Insert joke here ... WildGoriilaMan has a t-shirt for sale that just sums it up rather nicely...

I ate this today:

Breakfast: salmon and poached eggs with leftover asparagus, small coffee to drink.

Lunch: Bagel with egg and tomoato, coffee to drink (not the best, but w/e, I was hungry.

Snack: Water and almonds

Dinner: Chicken breast with tomato and spicy goo. Awesome. Coffee for dessert.

Late night "Wind down meal" might be just about anything, but I'm thinking something cheap at home, as this would be the reason for me doing night school in the first place.


  1. Shooting that video was a blast! If you ever get a chance to join em for a training session I say do it!

  2. I thought that was you in that one ... ;)

  3. Yeppers I am everywhere. I mean just look behind you, there I am!