Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sat feb12

This was an odd day. I was up last night until 4am. Then up at 9 for a Tim Hortons run for the family. Dude, that was the most calm moment of the day.

Ate this today:

Breakfast coffee

Snack was a Hortons belt and another coffee on the way to a kb clinic.

Snack was three crackers with cheese and a beer.

Dinner was a sandwich and a garden salad with beer to drink.

Yup, I just had a cheat meal after a long training session.

Lots and lots of kb swings, high pulls and snatches. Worked a lot on my technique; I got a chance to think about my swing and the finish of the snatch. I did a few things that I've done before, just nuot all at the same time, during the same workout.

After the session, I got to my parents place and helped my dad send an email. I love the guy, seriously, but watching him type an emailers pretty funny. I finished a beer, went to the bathroom then slid over to a fridge downstairs for another beer and came back to see him on the second line of an email. He kept asking where letters were on the keyboard. But, I compared his typing and email skill to my skill with a slide rule. Its skill and daily need.

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  1. Good having you out today, great work and much improved!