Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feb 25

OK, I feel as if I've been drawn through the mud this week; man, this felt like a long one. I was supposed to get to a high falutin' dinner last night on my boss' dime, but ended up not going ot look after children and my wife.

I think staying married is a much more important thing.

I'm still working that wish list, man. I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the "things" on the list, now I'm just working on getting more instruction. Tomorrow it's a kettlebell snatch clinic down at the Strength Box, which I'm looking forward to.

I've also got a line on some more metal plates (big ones) for barbells; someone to help with working on the TRX and putting a plan together for myself. I'm just glad tonight I get to take some time - I needed not to train this morning. Well, that sounds weird. My body is pretty sore this morning, so I'm making an executive decision and doing something later tonight, if I think my body needs it. Lots of stuff running though my head at the moment, so I'm thinking we just lay low, knock out some body weight stuff and leave it at that.

Speaking of bodyweight training, my copy of Naked Warrior arrived yesterday. I'm sorry to say I brought it to work to read it on breaks, but didn't get to it. Too much other stuff to get through before Monday. Man, that is just too much. I'm writing this at work - when I googled the title of the book, a lot of weird stuff popped up on the screen. Let's hope IT doesn't freak out, man.

Anyway, I ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee

After nap, before work meal: roast beef wraps, tomato, salad. Water to drink.

Lunch; tuna with veggies

Dinner roast beef wraps with tomato and salad. Wine to drink.


  1. I have a copy of Naked Warrior somewhere, I've had it for years. Should look at it again.

  2. Still haven't really cracked the spine on that one.