Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Feb 21

This was a statutory holiday called "Family Day" in Ontario today - which I speant with my family. I did manage to get a workout in, albeit a shorter one than I wanted, but I got things done.

My mouth is on fire at the moment, man. Victim of a late night snack with some hot sauce.

I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee, chicken breast wrap with salad and hot sauce

Lunch: coffee (it's Roll up the Rim) I want to win something with my addiction. When I got to my wife's parent's place, we had a birthday lunch of two mini burgers and some pasta.

Dinner: after a run, had a chicken breast with a salad with some hot sauce.

The run was 27 minutes long, covering 5.5 kms. I had to get a run in tonight, as my garage was full of car and was not ready for me to workout in tonight. Meh, the run was cold and quick.

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