Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sat Feb5 and Sun Feb 6

This was a whirlwind.

Saturday, woke up early with a boy on my shoulder, crying for food, fed him, then went off to the theatre with my parents for my daughter's birthday. Got home for church and then went out for dinner with my family.

Sunday was not much better, going to the 5k run, then home to drive kids to swimming, then off to my parent's place for my dad's birthday party.

Here is what I ate:


Breakfast: roast beef wrap, salad, veggies. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: chicken with veggies and a nice salad, water to drink. Nice cake for dessert.

Dinner: pasta and veggies, salad. Beer to drink.


Breakfast black coffee

Lunch - after the race: one small slice of pizza and water to drink

Snack when I got home: roast beef and veggie wraps

Dinner: chicken, veggies. Beer to drink. Birthday cake for dessert.

Snack during the superbowl; beer.

Not the greatest of diets, but I was celebrating. That and it was the Superbowl. The one game of the year I watch. Tomorrow is another day.

I was seen by a dude who has not seen me since October. He was shocked with how much I've done in the months since. I think it is almost time for a progree shot to be taken. Meh, maybe next week. I also will sign up for the St Patrick's Day run on Mar 12 with the guys from the Hamilton RFC. Should be a good time, as it was last year.

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