Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Feb 24

Right, today was a day that I just had to get started; I'm glad that I got a workout in, but it was a hard thing to get done. I tried to distract myself with the iPad, but I finally got out of my funk and got a workout.

I did this five rounds:

10 - 15 KB swings 40 and 53 lb KB used.
10 KB snatches same two KBs used.
20 BW squats
10 TRX rows
15 push ups

Not a huge workout, nothing to write down and ... oops. He he he he he he he.

This is what i ate:

Breakfast: egg and meat wrap coffee on the way in

Lunch. Tuna sandwich, water to drink. Veggies and hummus, too

Dinner was chicken breast with spicy goo and water to drink, prunes too

Snack was a couple of awful breaded chicken pieces from my childs plate with some almonds,nice glass of red wine

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