Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thurs Feb 3

Ok, today was a day that should have worked out a lot better, but didn't, thanks in part to that damn snowstorm. It should have been a day of preparation, but wasn't. So, I go into Friday's work day still catching up.

I am, however, grateful that I have a job in which I am challenged like this. When thought of from that perspective, I'm pretty grateful.

Diet was ok today:

Breakfast: Smoothie and coffee at work. Putting flax in the smoothie is helping everything stay on time.

Lunch was early, tuna sandwich with hummus and veggies. A lot of prunes and almonds with water to drink.

Snack/dinner - I was hungry when I got home from work about 5pm, so I had this to eat:
chicken breast on a slice of bread, veggies and hummus, water to drink.

I was going to go to my rugby club to meet my new coach, but while on my run tonight, kinda came to the conclusion that the only thing I'd do there would be to drink. And I just didn't need that today. I saw my "Before " pics today. They ain't pretty.

I did a 6k run, final run before Sunday, I think. Meh, might go for one more before. Kinda need a lifting workout tomorrow. Need to get back into the garage. I watched a show Ive not seen before, Spartacus: Blood and Sand on my Apple TV the last two nights. Kinda stupid, but lots of blood and Lucy Lawless with not a lot of clothing.

I also read this article about "Everything I know about fitness is a lie" ... except I know a lot of what the writer is saying is true. Which kinda makes the watching of Spartacus come to life - a lot of well toned people in that show, not a single treadmill in sight. Too bad the main actor is so sick they had to stop filming.

I'm also going to use my Airmiles for something more useful: a cool bathroom scale so I can keep a tab on how I'm doing. I mean I know my clothing is fitting better, I can see more muscles in the mirror and my pants need a belt and all, but every once in a while, I'd like to see a number for my body.

Tomorrow, I think I'll be getting the car out of the way, doing some KB training and timed lifts, too. Might even get some filmed. At least that's the plan. Who knows what might happen.

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