Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Feb 7

I got to bed late as I'm trying to help my wife get past a cold this week, on top of a lot of other stuff. My work shift has finally changed to the afternoons until the end of March, and so I got my kids to school and was able to do quite a lifting workout this morning. As I lifted, I could see the snow fall through the windows in my garage. It was chilly, I could see my breath and I could see the steam coming off of my skin near the end of the workout.

I did five rounds of this:

6-8 deadlifts 160 lbs.
15 feet up push ups
10 squats with a 40 lb sand bag
10 bicep curls 30 lbs
10 tricep curls 30 lbs (I know I need to increase these three weights, it's just HOW)
10 bench flies 30 lbs
10 KB snatches each hand (these were tough on the hands)
10 BW lunges (each leg)

I signed up for the Slainte's run on March 12th - it's the second year I will do this run, as the dudes from Hamilton RFC run in it to show support for their pub. I think this past off season is what I need to do next year - lots of little races to keep training interesting and to keep me going out for the next run and the next run and the run after that. Keeps you training, man. These chip timed races are also good for tracking just how well things are going in my training, too. I did suggest to some of my fellow rugby players that they should join me in running these races, but, as per normal, I was made fun of. Meh, at least I'm progressing towards being healthier.

I did have to lose the wrestling tournaments in Canastota, NY, though. I think that one of the reasons was that I have done so very little wrestling, or any kind of combative training, in the last five months. I think that this would be something that I have to solve if I am going to go for some sort of black belt. But then again, finding time will be getting a lot tougher in the coming three months. April and May are going to suck.

I ate this:

Breakfast: Smoothie and coffee

After training: Tim Hoton's Belt and a coffee.

Snack: handfuls of almonds on the drive home.

Dinner: Salmon piece and a bit of Talapia with rice and asparagus, red wine to drink. This was good, but needed a salad to finish it off. Almonds for dessert.

What did I read today - I read this article and listened to a discussion of the "Lessons we can learn from watching Predator". Sounds silly, but they take the subject seriously, and it works out for the. It's also on iTunes. Go for it.

I'm up for while - I'm still doing the later night feeding, then going to bed. I'm kinda hoping we get it done sooner rather than later.

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