Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Feb 14

Yeah, I'm writing this one up on the laptop - just easier, and my wife is on the iPad, looking for things to do while my son sleeps on her lap.

Ate not so well today:

Breakfast was a chicken breast with veggies wrap. Coffee to drink.

Snack was black coffee. Bad black coffee, drank only half of it.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich with veggies and hummus. Water to drink.

Snack was a small piece of a retirement cake.

Dinner was a the last of the chicken breast, boring frozen veggies (some fresh asparagus) with a large glass of OJ and a cupcake for dessert.

Why all the sweets? Presentation and a desire just to "get along" ... besides, when your youngest daughter presents you with something to eat, you eat it, even if it's mud pie, man.

Did this today:

warm up with some KB stretches - very slow, just to get ready.

then four rounds of the following:
10-15 incline push ups
10 OH snatches - worked on technique I was shown over the weekend. Need pics/vids done.
8- 10 bicep curls
8-10 tricep extensions
15 BW squats
8-10 TRX rows

abs x 3 - used the Ab roller today again - feeling this much later in the day.

After the family went to bed, went on a 5k run, just to celebrate the melting snow. Last week it was so freaking cold, I just couldn't run. Today, there was no excuse and so, I ran. Stepped into some mighty cold puddles, slipped and fell on another patch of ice .. even had some idiot yell at me, but got the run in, man.

Other than that, all was good - and now for something completely different:

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