Monday, February 14, 2011

Sun feb 13

I woke up late, actually nojt getting out of bed until after 8am today. How sad is the fact that I start this post with that line?

Got up, gt the coffee corny family and a then the day was one long cleaning up after another. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming ... You name it. Otw of shoveling, too. Like three sessions, trying to get rid jof the snow in front of my house.

Went out looking for a new pair of jeans for myself, found ones that look decent. Felt good about getting a size down frm the pair that finally gwave up the ghost.

Did this for four rounds, later in the day

10 push ups
20 be squads
8 to 10 in and backs with the new ab roller I ugly today. Pics of it later.

Ate decently, today, too.

Breakfast was coffee

Snack ws almonds and water to drink

Lunch was a burger wrap ... Delilah

Dinner was chicken breast with veggies and a glass of wine to drink. Pleasant way to end off ha week.

Tomorrow, I'm back at it, man.


  1. Yea I was gonna say, half of this didn't really make sense... it is not nice to call your own family corny.