Friday, April 8, 2011

Fri April 8

Today was pretty good. Seriously, I've been stressed as of late and today was a nice release valve. I got a lot of work done and I've been given a rather bright and shiny way forward. One of those lights that actually makes you look forward to Monday. Seriously.

One of the rather creepier things that has been working its way into my digital life is that I need to have an echo of my personal life. That is, this particular life is rather too connected to my professional one. If you read that and have no idea what it is I do for a living, it is because I have never shared with you. I have a full time job that I worry about losing if I blog about it too extensively.

And yet, I feel the need to blog.

So, what if I created a sinister "other" me? Something rather untraceable to my current profession? Another email address, another ISP number, anther friggin' digital life. Hmmm.. interesting, interesting. However, this, my friends, is probably not the place or time for these thought experiments.

I had work to do today, and I got it done:

six rounds of this:
20 BW squats
20 two handed swings 20 kilo Kb used
10 DB rows
20 push ups, feet elevated
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest on the chin up bar

I ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee to drink

Coffee when I got to work, water to drink

no lunch

Dinner was a steak sandwich with almonds for dessert. Wine to drink.

All in all, not an awesome end to the day, but something that is working for me better than last year. Someday my collective agreement will eliminate this crappy part of my life, but not yet, not yet.

Meh, at least I ate steak. (I did a lot more other stuff, too. I owed it to myself and taxpayers to make sure I got a lot of crap done today. Rest assured, Canadian citizen, I got a lot of stuff done today.)

Seriously, though. I want this guy's money.

I still don't believe the hype.

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