Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wed April 20

I really hated today. I hate the fact that people choose to complete losers today and champion the cause of something as destructive to families as alcohol. The again, I really can't stand St Patrick's Day either, for basically the same reason.

In any case, work was that much more difficult today, as people left early to go smoke dope. I was stuck with a mess on my hands; my boss was basically chewing my butt on their behalf. I like my boss, I deserved it, sort of. In any case, tomorrow is another day.

I did eat fairly well today, at least until I got home for dinner. Still everything is still cool, although I still need to pick up the Paleo Solution, I did listen to a few of the episodes of Robb Wolf's podcast today on the drive in. Interesting stuff.

I ate this:

Breakfast: chicken and salad/veggies. OJ to drink

Black coffee on the way in (no dairy in a paleo diet)

Coffee with milk as a snack, with prunes and a handful of walnuts, carrots with hummus.

Lunch was the usual of tuna on salad, carrots and hummus, walnuts, water to drink.

Dinner was a very meaty lasagna; spinach, ground beef with some cheese.

Yes, kind of disappointed with the amount of dairy in today's meals. However, when presented with a gift of coffee, one doesn't turn it down. I also don't turn down lasagna when it is made by my six year old daughter. If you turn down either one, it is just bad karma. I also am getting rid of the almonds in my diet, as they as just too many calories; I really really like them, and I just have to put them to the side, at least for this week. Walnuts look like brains to me, by the way....

he he he he ... zombies... I hate them, but they are just so "there".

Did five rounds of this:

20 Bodyweight squats
20 feet up push ups
20 kettlebell two handed swings
10 kettlebell snatches (both hands)
10 ab roll outs
20 step ups with 10 lbs in each hand - 20 inch step
10 bicep / triceps with 50 lb barbell

a good workout; I would still like to be able to afford to do some Bjj, but between childrens' stuff and a mat leave, there's just no coin left over for it. Meh, I know I need to start running again. Cheaper and probably better for my sore neck in the long run.

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