Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday april 25

oh, there are days when I want to work for myself. Seriously, there are. And then, days like today make me thankful that I don't. It was a stat holiday in the province of Ontario ... and so I hung with my kids. For most of the day.

I ate this:

Breakfast ... bowl of chilli ... with had lentils in it ... beans, peas, corn, ground beef... delicious, but not Paleo as I later found out.

Lunch was a black coffee with some roast beef.

Snack was a handful of walnuts with some grapefruit juice

Dinner was roast beef, potatoes, corn, peas and a large (I mean large) piece of carrot cake leftover from yesterday at my parent's place. I was kinda sick after sticking it in my gaping wadi.

I finally got a copy of The Paleo Solution today. Kind of an interesting read - the sections I read covered the whys and the whats... I get into in later on this week.

I did this workout five rounds:

20 BW or with 50 lbs extra squats
20 feet up push ups
20 two handed kettlebell swings (30 lb KB used)
10 KB snatches each side
10 overhead presses with a 60 lb backpack
10 ab rolls outs.

I discovered that there are a lot of odd people around the rugby club during the day. Of course I already knew that there are a lot there during the evening ... ha hah ha h aha...

Seriously though, I saw this video about how low I should be getting with the ab rolls outs. Can't say I'm as low as this, but it's a good goal for which to shoot:

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