Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wed and Thurs April 13 and 14

Imma give me a bit of a passover the last two days: I turned 41. When presented with a cake for your birthday by your six year old, you never say "nope, can't eat that, it's too many calories.

What you do offer, is to share it with your workmates, which is what I did.

Wednesday I ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and veggie wrap, GJ to drink

coffee on the way in

lunch was two pieces of questionably nutritious carrot cake, water to drink

dinner was two slices of pizza with red wine to drink. I fell asleep by 9pm.

Quite frankly, how often does a person turn 41? And what does it say about that person when they don't care about presents and they go to bed shortly after their children?

Well Thursday I ate this:

Breakfast: frozen fruit smoothie with OJ and green goo

coffee on the way in

Lunch was the stand by of tuna on salad, hummus with carrots and water to drink

Snack was a lot of water to drink

Dinner was a slice of left over pizza

after 90 minutes of rugby training workout I drank three beers with my neighbor. I just can't say no; he's a dude.

I did no workout on Wednesday, but on Thursday I did two.

Thursday's workout was a 90 minute rugby session. I followed that with four rounds of this:

25 BW squats
20 feet inclined push ups
10 ab roller roll outs
10 60 lb sand bag overhead lifts.

Short and simple, but kinda chilly - a lot more wind outside the rugby club than I'm used to inside a garage gym.

I'm tired and I have to stay up to feed the youngest. Proud to do it; proud to be a father. I'd never trade, never in a million years. Too many hugs to give up.

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