Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday April 18

Ya know, there was something in the air today that was intent on crapping all over my head. I'm glad that I ahve the patience to out-endure people and ideas like that. Speaking plainly, I forgot to eat breakfast this morning, still have no coin to grab anything bigger than coffee on the way in... and was rewarded with fresh fruit the minute I got in to work.

Seriously, check out my breakfast:

Yes, that WAS as good as it looks. The funny thing is that I really could have scrounged up enough money to get a Belt at Tim Hortons, but didn't. I could have set up another tab with the cafeteria lady, but didn't. I dunno why I didn't perhaps it was fate helping me keep to my diet today. Whatever else it was, it was also delicious.

Breakfast: coffee, 6 almonds, 6 prunes

Snack: that friggin awesome bowl of unified fateful fruit seen above.

Lunch: tuna (no salad) almonds, prunes. Water to drink.

Dinner: meat casserole; ground beef, veggies (a lot of veggies) with some spagetti sauce and a few crumbles of cheese. Last half glass of white wine to drink.

I did this very simple workout for four rounds

20 BW squats
20 push ups, feet level
20 lunges
10 knee to chest while on chin up bar
20 kettlebell swings to catch to two handed press

after this, I was sweaty. The n I rolled on my ITB bands, my quads, my glutes ... legs were rolled all over. Man, they were just balls of hurt.

I also started a new Personal Learning Project today - well, made the official start, anyways. First thing Imma do is look into buying a copy of Paleo Solution. I'm already listening to Robb Wolf's podcast, so I might as well jump right in..

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