Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday April 19

...and the hits just keep on coming.


I ate this today:

Breakfast: chicken breast and poached eggs, water to drink

Coffee on the way into work

Lunch: tuna, green pepper with hummus, prunes and almonds, water to drink.

Dinner: stewing beef, broccoli, carrots, other assorted veggies slow cooked. It was pretty good. I ate early, thinking I was going ot rugby training. I was wrong.

Instead, I held a barfing boy for a few hours while he, well.... barfed. He's getting pretty good with his aim, I must say. The other two children were out of range for a four month old stomach, but he was close to getting them.

I also read an email from a buddy who has now officially moved to China. His family is coming later. Kind of a shock to me; I mean it's his life, I'm just going to miss him. Makes me want to learn Mandarin and go for a visit. Sort of.

I also just saw a small mouse in my basement. Drag. At least I now have coin to go and buy some traps. Will report later on how many I catch.

The last kick in the chops for the day was that I didn't get a workout in.

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