Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wed April 6

OK, today was a little less of a drag than yesterday. That statement, followed closely by "it also went by very quickly" both impresses me and scare me a little. Yes, I did a lot of stuff today - Kids to school, to work, ate well, praised people around me, made my wife laugh, few my youngest, worked out ... but it went by so quickly.

I got up, blinked and it was 9:45 pm.

On that note, I ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef and egg ... please note that there was just one this morning. The other egg was stolen ... um ... taken by my middle child. Grapefruit juice to drink.

coffee on the way in, water when I got there.

Lunch was the usual, which I have to admit is not yet getting old. Tuna on salad, almonds and green pepper with hummus, water to drink.

Dinner was chicken breast wraps; salad leaves, chicken breast in a wrap with hot goo. Water to drink.

Snack: almonds and water.

When it came time to get the workout in, I discovered my wife had put the car in the garage. Not only that, but she'd parked it in waaaaay to in. I had limited space to workout in. Did seven rounds of this:

20 BW squats
15 pike position push ups
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest while dangling from the chin up bar
10 bent rows with a 30 lb dumbbell. (both sides)

I had a sweat by the end, it was all good.

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