Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tues April 12

This was a long day - it started early, and it hasn't quit ended yet. Highlights include a new blog/research project on "Eating like Encino Man" a project for work, dedicated to learning how to eat like a cave man.

Yes, I have other highlights. I ate with my family. I picked up my kids from work - when I picked up my eldest, she ran right at me, and I was able to lift her into my arms. The lady running the day care thought I was going to hurt myself. It felt really cool to still be able to lift her into my arms.

I felt like a strong man that she needed me to be.

I ate this today:

Roast beef and veggie wraps. GJ to drink.

coffee on the way in.

Lunch was the usual...tuna on salad, carrots with hummus. Water to drink. Prunes.
This is one meal I need to learn how to replace, man.

water to drink

Dinner was roast beef, mash potatoes, veggies and salad. Yeah, that was kinda repetitive, but I gotta tell you, it's damn good roast beef. Red wine to drink.

I was supposed to go to rugby training tonight, but I just couldn't leave my wife in the state the house was in. Three children, two were screaming for attention and the third was aching for attention but was trying to stay out of the way. They are awesome kids.

So, I calmed everyone down, stayed talking to my wife until 9:15ish, then went to the garage and did five rounds of this workout

20 BW squats, nice and low and slow
20 feet up push ups
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest on the chin up bar
30 KB swings/snatch with the 30 lb KB

nice and quick, got me going, kept me on the right path.

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