Saturday, April 23, 2011

thursday, Friday and Saturday

This was not a good couple of days.

Thursday, ate thi:

Breakfast was coffee on the way into work

Snack was walnuts and water to drink

Lunch was not good, a tim horton's chilli and bun.

Dinner was lasagna - pasta, lots of ground beef, cheese, spinach and other veggies. Salad. water to drink

Friday was a day off.

Breakfast was salad and tuna about 10am.

Snack was coffee, waluts

Dinner was steak and salad. Chicken breast, too. Rice, veggies on the side.

White wine later as I helped a buddy with her Macbook.

Saturday was just not a great day, either

Breakfast was some left over steak while holding my son and watching Super 15 rugby on my laptop.

Lunch was more steak on salad. Water to drink.

Dinner was some paleo chilli I put together: ground beef, corn, peas, beans, mushrooms. pretty good. White wine to drink. Yeah, I know.

Did this workout for five rounds on Saturday, finally:

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
10 ab roll outs
5 chin ups
10 TRX BW rows
20 two handed swings 30 lb KB used


  1. Dude you have to seriously ramp up your protein intake. I have been doing this:

    breakfast: 750 ml skim milk + 2 scoops whey protein powder (60g protein) + 2 superduper multivitamins ~ 85g protein

    lunch: plate of white rice + tons of frank's red hot sauce

    post-workout: 1 liter skim milk

    before bed: 750 ml skim milk + 2 scoops whey protein powder (50g protein) + 2 superduper multivitamins ~ 85g protein

    If I get hungry during the day I drink more skim milk.

    This gives around 200g of protein per day.

  2. Also dude why target wrestling nationals? You should do what I did and target winning a NAGA tournament. It is 100000% easier and way more fun. You get to stomp retards who think they are tough and make them cry like the little bitches they are. Also they have an over 40 division for retards like us. I was thinking of doing a few next year as I turn 40 in January.

  3. Well, the Nationals are just the thing for retarded people... but I am also planning to do some Jits/Grappling this summer, along with a lot of rugby.

    As for the extra protein ... meh .. then point here is to be able to live with my wife AND be fitter ... she isn't big on the cost of supplements these days, nor am I ... ;)

    and finally ... good to see you on here, man...

  4. dood .. just read yer diet up there in the first comment ... lol