Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tues April 5

So far, this day is working out rather well. I weighed in this morning, I'm a little lighter than yesterday ... nothing significant.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef and eggs. Grapefruit juice to drink. Simple yet really good food.

Coffee on the way into work. Lots of water throughout the day.

Lunch: the usual; tuna on salad, green peppers with hummus, prunes, almonds. Water to drink.

Dinner: Bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, salad, red wine to drink.

I had a lot of water today. I just kept drinking it, like it was ... well, water. Kind of embarrassing how much water I drank, really.

I did this workout six times, though:

8-10 deadlifts, 190 lbs
20 KB swings, 20 kilo bell used
20 feet up push ups - see picture for height. My feet were on top of the red sand bag
10 knees to chest while hanging off the chin up bar
20 step ups - again, onto the red sand bag - at or above the height of my knee.
10 bicep curls
10 triceps extensions both with 50 lbs
20 BW squats
10 ab roll outs

That was a pretty complete workout - I was pretty sweaty at the end. My wife said some nice things about my body today; that in and of itself is pretty darn cool. Work is going very quickly, but I can hardly wait until this "panic time" I'm in kinda settles down, I'm hoping for in a few weeks. A lot of stress, man. Last year, I stopped working out by this point in time and was a lot heavier by May. This year, I have a few races I'd like to do, including the Spartan Race mid June. That's going to be epic. All in all, though, today was a very fast day. I will now take some time to appreciate what it is that I have. I am extremely lucky to have what I have, and I know it.

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