Monday, April 11, 2011

Mon April 11

Ya know, I really like the Interwebs. Some really out there people get to tell me about really cool stuff. I don't know why I would want a kettlebell in the shape of a human skull, but I'd probably get one and then leave it as a show off piece.

And now .... I can get one. Or at least order one, anyway. From Ironskull Fitness. Awesomesauce.

In any case, so far today, I've had a pretty good day.

Breakfast was roast beef and veggie wraps with hot goo and some ketchup. GJ to drink.

Coffee on the way in to work.

Lunch was tuna on salad, water to drink. Almonds, carrots with hummus. Prunes.

Snack was almonds.

Dinner was chicken with rice and a big salad. OJ to drink. Frozen berry smoothie for dessert. (frozen fruit, GJ, green goo in a blender...)

After dinner, I hung with the youngest, watched the two other ones make a mess in the yard, and then got them all in bed. After they were asleep for a while, I did this workout:

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
20 step ups ... two rounds with 10 lb weights, last two rounds with 30 lb weights
20 KB OH swings, both sides with a 30 lb KB
20 KB alternating cleans
20 KB TH swings
10 bicep curls, 40 lb weights
10 triceps extensions, same
10 ab roll outs
6-8 deadlifts, 190 lbs - I felt so good, this weight is not near my max, but it is the max that I can afford at the moment. I'll keep my eye out for heavier weights, perhaps even a longer bar...

I felt really good after that workout. Honestly, the room was so warm, I was working out in only a t-shirt and shorts. I checked later, and it was 15 degrees in there.... which, to my American friends, is a nice pleasant afternoon. I can hardly wait until I get outside to do these workouts.

I have been putting together a plan in my head for a new homemade prowler. I had my basement finished a while ago, and I have these 2x4's sitting in my basement. I'd rather put them to use that to put them into a fireplace somewhere. So, I'm starting with them for a durable, portable prowler.

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