Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday April 3

I wanted to get out of the house today - and it happened, just not as I had envisioned. my wife wasn't feeling up to par, and so to leave her with three kids, just wasn't on for today.

I made a day of it, but first ... made sure I let people know I wasn't coming, then worked out.

I did this as punishment, and with two daughters running around the garage gym with me at the same time. Try doing THAT at the average garage gym, I tell ya...

Five or six rounds of this (seriously, it could be either, I was run ragged between exercises and sets ...)

20 BW squats
20 KB swings, with the 20 kilo bell, facing the wall
8-10 KB rows
20 feet up push ups
20 second hold of a hand stand
10 ab wheel roll outs
8-10 bicep curls (50 lbs used)
8-10 tricep curls same 50 used .... a step up from the 30 lbs I used to use.

I made a heavier curl bar with the new weights I bought over the weekend. I was getting close to failure on the last set ... which felt good. Hand stand holds were new, though. Can help but think I get better at them at some point ... just not yet.

I finished this workout before 8am, then got some coffee for my wife and I, read the paper, took my girls out to rollerblade, fed my youngest child, discovered a new website for children's movies and watched one with my middle child, feed my youngest again, got barfed on and then cleaned the house. I did grocery chopping, laundry and dishes, too.

And .... what the hell else ... man, that was a long day. Still up to feed the boy at midnight and THEN hit the sack. Father's job is never done.

I ate this today:

breakfast: coffee

Lunch: steak, dipped in ketchup, coffee to drink.

Dinner: roasted chicken, veggies. White wine to drink. Almonds throughout the day.

I just did about 6 minutes of ass to mat squats. It was kinda weird how they felt, but I have to admit, I'm impressed with the flexibility and power I showed myself. Seriously, I didn't think I had it in me, but fooling around in the gym ... interesting...

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