Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Jan 20

Right, today I was off for some professional development at work. My co-coworkers went on as normal, and I got to sit in the conference room and confer. I was poking around teh interwebs on my iPad while the event went on. I showed the presented the Apple event video I'd seen the night before.

In any case, I was also back to the regular disciplined guy today, too.

Breakfast: smoothie, and coffee. It's just yummy. I'll have to get pics up.

Snack: more coffee and a hockey puck like muffin they serve at conferences

Lunch: peppers, hummus, walnuts and almonds. Water to drink.

Dinner: small bowl of soup and the last samosa from Thursday. Oh, man....yummy.

I also did get a 6k run in. I wanted to get past Thursday. I also needed some time to think. I got up this morning and my dear sweet wife looked at me and asked "We're not getting two pay cheques from you next month, are we?" Yeah, it's become necessary to seek other employment, man.

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