Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Yeah, I guess i got busy this week. Sunday i got a run in late. I got it in.

I had a long day on Monday, but I got a chance to drop by Tapout and was pretty stoked to see the progress. February. After my second shift of the day, I got home and went for a run.

On Tuesday, I got a nice, albeit not unexpected surprise in that I checked weight and I found out I was 229. Nice.

I switched breakfast into a smoothie and lunch is now veggies and hummus. Lots of water, too.

Dinner, still, is a difficult meal, as I am being cooked for. Meh, at least tomorrow we'll have what i want... I did some putting together in the slow cooker.

Sall good. I even sat through a meeting at the rugby club tonight and got through it without any thing eating or drinking. That's rare, man.

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