Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Jan 23

Well, it continues to be one of the warmest Januarys I can recall. It rained today. Seriously, I can recall snowbanks eight feet tall when I was a kid ... and it rained today. I prefer rain to snow, however and that will be the end of my rant.

I got a combo workout done today, but I can't say I enjoyed it much.

I got this done for five rounds:

20 feet up push ups
20 KB swings - used one of the 12 kilo bells I won
10 KB snatches each side
20 seated knee tucks

It was a quick workout and I know the bell was too light for me. But I'll admit, I just wanted to use it once; I really got them for my daughters to use this spring and summer.

After that workout, I went on what was supposed to be a 4k run. In the middle the iPhone started to add up. I stopped the run, and stopped and restarted the phone. Annoying, really. I felt sluggish as it was and the rain didn't help matters. Anyway, I got to 1405 kms run on my Nike+ page, which is what I wanted from today. I also got one of my gym workouts done, too.

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