Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Jan 21

My Saturday...ahh. Nice to have the honour of a day of rest. It's nice and I know most of the people on this planet never get one. I took full advantage. I got up nice and early with my youngest, getting him going on a bottle and then a meal by 7am. Before I ate anything, I did check my weight: 228. Which was a nice surprize, considering what my diet has been Thursday and Friday. I myself made breakfast for my family and then ate well all day. I picked up my kettlebells from StrengthBox and got a chance to hang out:

After getting home from that, I got a chance to rest, relax and kind of just get in a much better head space. I will be working on getting an additional job next week and so I needed some down time. I also got a chance to think about stuff - like why I am at 228- while on my run. Seems if you eat better and run more, you lose weight. I am going to try that again this week with some body weight and kettle bell workouts, too. Didn't get enough of that this week; I'm hoping the stinky garbage smell is gone from my gym.

I ate this

Breakfast: eggs and chicken leg from the slow cooker. Coffee and coffee to drink.

Lunch: nuts, peppers and hummus, tuna on a slice of bread. Water to drink.

Snack coffee and almonds

Dinner: chicken and veggies. Water to drink. Tea for dessert.

I played with my boy for a while, took a short nap and then got him in bed. After I helped get the other kids in bed, I went for my run. All in all I think I made a good use of my day... Raymond K Hessel I am not:

Even if I fail, I still beat everyone who didn't try.

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