Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Jan 29

You know, it was annoying today. Mrh, I got things done.

In any case, I got a 5 k run in the morning, and I tried to get another run completed in the evening, but my iPhone didn't record it, so I can't "claim" it, but I got a 3k run completed, too.

Ate this

Breakfast: roast beef and eggs. Coffee and water to drink

Lunch: roast beef and peppers, almonds, carrots and hummus, water to drink.

Snack: almonds and water

Dinner: chicken, carrots and cauliflower. Water to drink.

This week coming up: more workouts in the gym, keep up the runs. Which means, I will be working out at least three times and running most of the days of the week. I made this week's training goals, and this is only a minor increase. However, I have to recall that there is a number of issues that might pop up this week, not the least of which might be starting another job.

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