Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dec 31, Jan 1 and 2

My baby, my sweet innocent little Macbook is having difficulties this break. The poor little thing has lost its screen. i'm writing this on my iPad while my family stands and watches me type in the living room.

hi, sweetheart!

dec 31 was a stretching day. I spentt the day feeling like a zombie, having my children waking me up early and keeping me up late. We watched the ball drop online, which was a first for me. Cables days are done.

Jan 1 was a rest day. My diet is sucking, but what ever. I keep focussed on the fact that come March, I will be on weight.

Jan 2, I was back at it, getting a run in just before my wife went to her swimming session. I also finished off a lot of the junk in my fridge, leftovers from all the social events I attended this break.


  1. Sorry to hear about the mac... Will you now be returning to the world of pc/windows?

  2. ah, not a chance. Currently working the keyboard while attached to an external monitor - work will require a projector. Alas, my employer might like me to like pc/windoze, but does not require me to use it.