Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Jan 6

I saw this on my Twitter feed - a bit of fun, man.

Man, what a day - it's nice being off, but I am really missing my routine of work and training. At least on a sunny note, I have solved the issue of my black Macbook screen for free. There's an app that will let me link my Macbook to another device, like my iPad (or iPhone in a pinch) and use it as another monitor/touch screen. It might be a little slow, but I don't need speed, I need a workaround.

The link to the app is here.

In any case, I went for an early morning run, and was planning on an evening run, but my boy and my procrastination kinda lead me to sit on my butt and not do the second run. I really should have done a gym workout, but didn't. Meh, tomorrow.

At least I got the one 5k run in.

I ate ok today, too:

Breakfast: chicken and salad wraps with coffee to drink.

Snack: more coffee

Lunch roast beef with salad. Water to drink.

Dinner: chicken, soup and water water water!

I also read my stats from 2011 on the Mike+ website. I didn't run as much with the sensor this year as I had done in the year previous. I knew that was an issue, but really, I am in much better shape that I was this time in 2011, man. I feel better, too.

I just saw this on my entry for Jan 7, 2011:

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