Friday, January 7, 2011

Fri Jan 7

I wanted to rate this week a B. I need to coordinate a bit better with my Significant Other for time to work out and caring for the family, and I need this snow to (bleep) off to allow me to run, too. I'm hoping I can get a quick run in tonight and then do a longer one on Saturday.

Why? "cuz I got races coming up and I need to kick some ass.

That and I just like running. Legs were tender this morning, and my lower back was stiff, but all's good, man. The money situation is a little depressing at the moment, though. If there is one obstacle that might derail this whole "going to Edmonton experience" this March, that's the one. However, with a slight adjustment, I can make this dedicated to going to Nationals in 2012 ... which will be in St Catherines. A heck of a lot cheaper than Edmonton. Although uglier, man. IMHO.

Breakfast: Smoothie (green goo was past the "Best Before" date, I chucked it.) and coffee on the ride in. Seriously, Tim Horton's has performed miracles for me this week.

Snack: I was hungry at break, so I ate a tuna sandwich with hummus and veggies. Coffee to drink, as I'm just rolling that way these days.

Lunch Salad with carrots and prunes. Almonds and water to top it off. Today is just dragging on and on.

Dinner After spending a long while getting my baby's x-ray, got home and was too flat to cook - ordered pizza and waited for it to digest so I can go for a run.

I used to hate running in the cold. This year, for some strange reason, it just seems easier. I'm going a lot faster and longer. The runs just seem easier, is all. I'm glad of it.

I saw this today: I'm doing this, except that I am bending my knees to my chest. That, and she looks a heck of a lot better than I do. At least for now. Wait until spring. I'll be this hot. ;)

I've been wondering how to protect my hands from the freezing cold bar - using sponges, as she does in this video, looks cheap and a decent solution. I'll be therefore "sponge worthy" ... har, har, har...

Speaking of har, har, har ...


  1. Mark I am a little concerned that your goal is to be as hot as the chick in the video, is your wife aware of this goal of yours? :p

  2. She's hot, and I want her ... abs. Wha ha ha ha ha!