Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Jan 17

This is going to be brief and to the point:

I ate well today, but am reading that I shouldn't be eating tuna from a can ... "that the mercury levels are too high for children and women"... ok, except I'm not breastfeeding, nor plan to. Anyway, I like it, although the idea has a point; I should be expanding what I eat at work.

Breakfast was a smoothie: I'll say it again: yummy. Coffee from the Tassimo at work. Vitamin C and multi at home.

Snack was carrot and hummus with water to drink

Lunch was tuna on salad, prunes, carrots hummus and almonds. Water to drink.

Dinner was a "mixed pot night"; anything in the fridge is up for grabs. I had two types of meat, narrowly missing out on three. Chicken and roast beef had to be finished, so I had some of them. The salmon is tomorrow. Salad and veggies finished off my plate tonight. Water to drink. Vanilla pudding for dessert.

My boy is finally going down for the night at the moment; he's been fussing since I got home at 3pm, and it's now 10pm. Very frustrating to want to work out and have a gym ten feet away and still not be able to get to it. If he falls asleep soon, I'll do something quickly.

Got four rounds of this done:

20 BW squats
20 two handed KB swings
5 OH KB snatches
5 OH KB presses
10 lunges
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest while holding onto the chin up bar.... (what are those called?)

I wished I could do more of a workout - there is the stuff there, it's the timing; need to get this done earlier with more space. As it is, I'm doing more than most, but less than I want to do. Tomorrow a storm is coming in, so no guilt about not running. I'll be in the garage, though, toughing something out.

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