Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sun Jan 9

Man, this was a long day. I was up until 4am, getting my kid to bed. I'm up tonight, too. Which means that tomorrow is going to be rough.

I went for a run this morning - decent pace for 28 minutes. I should be doing more this week, but I get the sense that I'll be at home more often... which means more gym workouts than running.

Ate this:

Breakfast none, was asleep until after the run. Water after the run.

Lunch: roast beef wraps with veggies. Water and OJ to drink.

Dinner: chicken with veggies. three smilie fries. Milk to drink.

I got some work done around the house, looked after my children and generally took it easy after a rather frantic few weeks, man. Seriously, I friggin' tired.

As an after thought, I'm thinking that in order to get some training done this week coming up, I'm going to have to do it later in the evening, while my kid is asleep, before the midnight feeding. It's more or less the only time I get to myself- no children needing me for anything other than a roof. Whew! That's going to make stuff tough. I also know that this week the kids have stuff starting up again; swimming and gymnastics. I'm going to be taking them there, which affords me small windows for training. Hmmm.

And I need groceries... ;)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. That really sucks.