Friday, January 14, 2011

Fri Jan 14

Today started off fairly well and got better.

Breakfast was asmoothie - I finally had enough time to make one this week!

Lunch was at a work event. I ate pita and veggies and hummus. A couple of samosas, too. Coffee and water to drink.

My boy came to work with my wife for a visit. Made a good day even better. Got to feed him lunch.

Dinner was lasagna and a salad. Water to drink.

10k run in 46 minutes after a nap and feeding my boy. And changing diaper after diaper. I'm not sure it's healthy for me to see that much poop. I'm glad he's pooping, I'm just not sure I should be seeing that much.

Off for a shower and taking care of my boy.


  1. Good work on the 10k, sub 45min in no time.

  2. Thanks, Boris! It's looking up for that Mud Run in the summer, man!