Friday, January 28, 2011

Fri Jan 28

There are several ways to measure today, and in most of those methods today was not a great day. I didn't get a workout in ... I did try to work out, but my body just went "no". I'm friggin sore.

My diet was also not that awesome today - it's the end of the month and at my work we do a potluck. I have to say that it was better than average and I felt a lot better than I have after other lunches like that. I had a pretty big lunch, met up with my wife and generally felt emotionally satisfied with my day.

My body is still not recovering very well, nor fighting a cough/cold very well either. I guess not getting an awful lot of sleep will do that to any body.

Here's my diet for the day:

Breakfast: a smoothie and a coffee on the way in

Snack: black coffee

Lunch: meatballs, big salad, lemon square, wrap sections of questionable nutritional value, one samosa, water to drink. Slice of pizza from my boss. The last one was because I wanted to say something nice and be thankful. It was good pizza, man.

Dinner: again, I wanted to cook something, but my body just collapsed when I got in the door. My wife picked up my two oldest from school and then ordered pizza for us when she got home. The whole time, I had a nap with my son. We were exhausted. I got up and the pizza was there, so I ate.

As I mentioned earlier, I got myself set up for a workout, had 30 minutes of time set aside after everyone was in bed, got into my garage/gym and started. But a few movements in, I knew my body was asking me to not do the workout. My ass was just a ball of knots and was not going to cooperate. I'm going to stretch and then have a bath later on. Epsom salts might be called in to help, too.

I guess all those days in a row working out without much in terms of a warm down or a rest between the days wasn't such a good idea. I know that for the next little while, while my body heals, I need to focus on my diet.

On a related topic, I found the website for the tv show X-Weighted. It was a blog and some video posts and you can even watch xome clips. I've watched one or two, they seem pleasant enough. I also found the host, Paul Plakas' website, too. The nice thing is that he's Canadian, something I've not seen a lot of on Facebook or on the interwebs.

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