Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wed Jan 19

Whoa. Last night I really did have "internet problems" at my house. Every time I hear that at work, I kind of shrug it off as "I'm lazy and I don't care about the work. I didn't do it." But seriously, I couldn't get on to post this last night.

I got to work early to post this, though.

I'm listening to my body today- not a lot of sleep, not very restful sleep, either. Lots of sore spots and stuff. Still, I think I'm grumpier at not working out for two days than anything else. Today, Thursday, as soon as I am in the door, I am going to do ... something. The plan will come by 3pm.

As for Wednesday, I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie, coffee.

Snack: tuna and salad. Almonds, hummus, veggies. Coffee.

Lunch: Hummus, veggies, almonds, prunes. Water

Dinner: pizza at a meeting for professional development (which I forgot about until 3pm) I arrived early and got some foreplanning done for next month. Water to drink. A lot of water to drink.

Got home about 6pm, was handed a squaking child and told to mind him. It's tough to love a crying child, always will be. Try doing it with a sour stomach, poor sleep and feeling cranky to boot, after a long day at work. It was tough, but I did it.

Of course, my boy wouldn't let me do anything except hold him, so no workout. I'll hit it Thursday.


  1. Hope fully you've gotten you thrs workout in. Sucks to miss em.

  2. I did - the garage needed some putting together before I did, but I got it done.