Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sat Jan 1

I'm so far away from being hungover, it's almost comical. I still feel like crap today. But, consistency is the key to becoming what it is you want. Training is easy when you feel awesome - it's when the world takes a giant crap on your head that training becomes hard.

I'm going to move the car and get myself worked out; far less because three of my family members are sick (my wife went with the middle child to a walk in clinic already this morning), not because I missed playing rugby today, not because of all of the stuff I wanted to do this Break, but because all of this crap is just adding up. I can quit and do nothing or I can do the exact opposite.

Saw this before I had to take over looking after my son and will try it tomorrow:

After getting up and getting my family going, I had to drive into Toronto twice to get stuff done, then to get to my brother's house for a family dinner. I was exhausted when I got home, but did a workout just the same. Had to. I've been eating like crap lately, but because I've been eating so little, i think "progress" is still being made. Dunno.

Ate "Breakfast" at 11am: steak and veggie wraps. OJ to drink.

Lunch was two beers at the rugby club between trips to Toronto.

Dinner: lasagna and salad at my brother's house. A beer to drink.

Need to get going again. You cannot out train a bad diet, although I'm trying to.

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