Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Jan 19

You know, I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing in a part of the world that is just so snowy and cold at the moment. One of my recent FB status messages ran something along the lines of "Christmas is over, next year, somewhere warm." I sooooo need some warmth right about now. And melting/melted snow.

I read a few articles today from the Hamilton Spec/Toronto Star. One of which snapped my head about Fitness in the Home. The other one was about a woman who is training for an across the lake swim.

Now, me personally, I run. I'm not a swimmer, that's my wife, man. I'm someone who loves, LOVES keeping my feet on the ground. Not like I'm afraid of heights or anything, but I like running, wrestling, being in a sauna, lifting weights .... things on which ground is needed. Swimming, floating, flying ... not afraid of them, just prefer something else. Interestingly, I want to try sailing this summer. Which, I guess, is an interesting combination of walking and swimming, IMHO.

Ate this today:

Breakfast - timmy ho's usual. BELT and extra large coffee.

Break - hummus and veggies, coffee, almonds.

Lunch: Tuna and veggies, hummus and almonds, water, prunes.

Dinner: Pizza, water to drink. Meh, nothing's perfect.

Before my workout, set up and put away the mats as best I could. Did four rounds of this:

8-10 DL 120 lbs
5 chin ups
10 incined push ups
10 BW lunges

I was happy to get the mats squared away and get sweaty. I wanted to go for a run, but my son shot that one down. He's a stressful little guy.

This is what the mats are looking like at the moment - can hardly wait until tomorrow when I can get them down for the first time. Man, I can hardly wait until this cup of suffering has passed. I'm just freaking brainless at the moment. And while at work was listening to this:

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