Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sat Jan 29 and Sun Jan 30

This weekend was non-stop go, go go....

Saturday, went for a run before the cold got really bad. Then settled in to a freaking long day. A birthday party, church, dinner out with my family then to a buddy's place to soak in his hot tub for a few hours.

Sunday was a little better, but I was out of the house for a good chunk of the day.

Saturday ate this:

Breakfast Coffee and OJ

Lunch (eaten about 11) two poached eggs with a bowl of turkey chili. Water to drink.

Dinner: burger with salad at Boston Pizza, two beers to drink

At my buddy's house, had two beers and a rather interesting grapefruit vodka cooler. I felt really good after the several hour hot tub experience. I might have even gotten him to sign up with me for the Spartan Race.

Sunday, I woke up early, felt awesome. Got stuff going at my house: laundry, dishes .. cleaning up after my kids.

Breakfast was the last bowl of the chili, coffee and OJ to drink.

Dinner was two burgers with a lot of veggies on top (no buns), salad on the side. Water to drink.

Lunch was a coffee and a bottle of water while on the way to the KB Sport clinic at Strength Box. What a cool little place to work out. A lot of natural sunlight, clean well organized areas which were well equipped. I got a few ideas for my own space at home - most especially a decent rowing machine and "better" kettlebells. I'd like to have some better rope, too.

I did more than a few two minute and minute sets of KB swings, presses and snatches. I can do them with a decent technique, but evidently only a few of them would be counted in a competition. But my body and back were worked over. I also tried some KB juggling, something which I haven't been able to do since October and did ok. I only dropped the KB once. Right in front of the entire clinic.

I'd never used Pro Grade Kettlebells for a complete workout before. They are the same size, just different weights. I used a 16 kg bell for the day, a bright yellow one that woke me up, it was so bright. In any case, it just felt better in my hand than any of the ones I have at home. I do have one pro grade KB by the way ... a 32 kg. Which I can honestly say I don't use as much as I should. I think I know what I'm going to use my year end pay cheque towards. But until then, I'll "suffer"... ;)


  1. Good having you out to the Box today. Glad you liked the place stop on by sometime and try some of the Box workouts, I think you'll really like them.

  2. Yeah - there were a lot of things that Greg uses there that looked cool. The 2x4 bits on the wall looked cool ... and what was up with the log hanging from the ceiling? ;)

  3. That for pull ups and muscle ups, what else? It's just an awesome toy to play with!