Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sun Jan 16

Today was a pretty good day for me - lots of chances to recover and read.

I was up early with the 7am feeding, then promptly went back to bed. Seriously, it was not very hard to fall asleep. Got up for church, then back to bed. Except that my eldest started barfing everywhere. Awesome.

The run started off slowly, was pretty cold and I thought I didn't wear enough until I got about minute 8. After that I was ok. I did 5k in 23 minutes. Was pretty pleased. I think next time I go for a run the day after a rest day, I warm up in the gym first. I might have set a new PR in the 5k had I done that.

Anyway, I read through the stats of this blog - seems I'm getting readers from all over the place, which is cool. I also read a rugby buddy's blog about his recovery from knee surgery. I like my blog better, as I can embed video and put fancy pictures up, too. ;)

Ate this today:

Breakfast: leftover chicken in a wrap; thinking I'm going to try eating this without the wrap next week. Meh, why not? Veggies in the wrap, too. Water to drink.

Lunch: I took my family for lunch to a local mall to try out a crepe place - fruit and chocolate on a thin pancake for those non-chefs in the crowd. I didn't order one for me, as I just wanted a coffee. I returned with it, was about to set off for a nice walk in the mall with my boy when my eldest daughter's stomach erupted onto her lunch and all over the counter. Yeah, I wasn't hungry after that, either. At least I didn't have to clean it up this time. "Win!"

Snack: some chicken soup about 3pm. Like less than half a bowl. I went for my run after this.

Dinner: extra lean ground beef and pasta; sort of like a really expensive Kraft Dinner. I needed the carbs; my body felt a lot better after.

Post dinner snack: two beers at the local Shoeless Joes to watch some football in peace. Damn those Patriots.

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