Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tues Jan 4

I'm liking Tuesdays better than Mondays. But that isn't saying much. I was up late (or early, depending on your definition) feeding baby this morning. Up late, up early. As my father says "Someday they'll all be 35." Not that I'm wishing my wife away, I'd just like to sleep through the night again. Once.

I got up early, went downstairs to use my blender and saw my sleeping wife and boy on the couch. So, no smoothie this morning. I gt to work and was really hungry before my break, but since I didn't have any salad greens, I settled for a sandwich with hummus and veggies. Man, compromises compromises compromises... it's what makes the world work, man. Do the best with what you have.

Breakfast: Banana, OJ and a multivitamin. Coffee on the way in.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich, hummus and veggies. Water to drink. Almonds, too. Damn deelish.

Snack: Water

Dinner: another round of soup and a sandwich - some sort of Campbell's meat soup (best way to describe it, sorry) and a roast beef wrap.

I got home and was handed my boy to look after so my wife could go out and clear her cabin fever and pick up my other children from school. We took a nap together.

Later, when he was sleeping, I got a chance to do AMRAP of this in 25 minutes:

20 KB swings 40 lb KB
20 Prisoner squats
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest while I dangled from the chin up bar
6-8 deadlifts 160 lbs

I'm looking better, feeling awesome - except for the sleep deprivation, of course. For tomorrow, I get up a smidgen earlier and get to the local 24 hour Metro for some better lunches...

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