Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Jan 13

I was rushed again today - life was made a little more simple by virtue of the fact I had to only make one lunch, as only one of my kids was going to school today. I was off to work, the rest were at home, sick or otherwise caring for the sick or a newborn. I made the noon doctor's appointment for the newborn, too, leaving my dad in charge of the sick one. It's almost too much. I long for a boring week next week.

The sun is out, however, melting some of the snow. That looks awesome for a run right after work. I need to get to the rugby club - there's things afoot. Lots of nagging issues that I'd like to hear about. That, and I'd like to pay a dude for mounting my tv on the wall. It's awesome, man.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: Belt and coffee and Timmy Ho's. You know, regardless of just how crappy the food is there, I seem to be making progress. I'm starting to wonder if I hadn't lost my mind and gained a few minutes in the morning to make a proper breakfast, just how much further along I might be now.

Lunch: Had to get to the appointment, so this was early. Tuna sandwich with veggies. Water to drink.

Dinner: was right after work, without my kids... which makes me not like Thursday at all. Kids were busy at gymnastics or in bed, lying still. After dinner I got a snuggle and a nap in with two of my kids. Which was a great dessert.

Then I did a 6.5 k run. Stretching after was cut short.

After run snack: roast beef wrap and beer to drink. It felt good.

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