Monday, January 31, 2011

Mon Jan 31

This was a Monday - rather long and harrowing, but with a small light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of the week, I start working afternoons, which frees up a lot more time for training in the morning. That works to my advantage on so many levels, the least of which is that my wife and smallest child are asleep at 7:30 am, so am freed up for my own stuff.

I can hardly wait.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie and coffee

Snack: almonds and black coffee

Lunch: left over small caesar salad (which was kinda gross, so I tossed it after about half) then had my usual of prunes and almonds after veggies, hummus, tuna on salad greens. Water to drink.

Snack: water

Dinner: chicken breast, rice and veggies. Water and OJ to drink.

Snack after my run: multivitamin and two Advil. Let's hope they relax the muscles tonight.

After I got home from work, the intention was to do a lifting workout in the garage. Something quick. Instead I got a ten pound baby placed in my hands and then my wife left to get out of the house. We had a nap together instead. I love the little guy - he turned two months old last week- but he's a handful when he wants to be. After his 7pm feeding, he was cranky. I mean "Cranky" ... wouldn't go to sleep. I tried, my wife tried ... finally, finally ... he fell asleep with the tv on to some random WWII thing on the History Channel.

I went for a run starting at 9:45(ish)... I'm still running a race this weekend. Planned out my pre-race, thought about an iPad, and am going to hold off on using my Airmiles to get a new iPod Nano. I figure the one I have now is doing an awesome job, so why replace it? The iPad would be for work, and so that my kids could use it, too. Besides, it would be basically subsidized by my employer .. so, why not?

Anyway, tomorrow... is another day. Let's hope we get little snow.

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